Stayso The House Hotel welcomes you to experience luxury in our newly renovated establishment, where sustainability is our promise. We take pride in our eco-friendly practices, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint. From recycling plastics to safely disposing of used oils, every effort is made to prioritize the planet.

Our commitment extends to using paper and cardboard utensils for delivery purposes and installing automated water faucets in bathrooms to minimize water wastage. Additionally, automatic lights are strategically placed throughout the hotel, turning off when no movement is detected, further conserving energy.

At Stayso The House Hotel, sustainability isn't just a goal.

It's our way of life.

Staying here, means cooling off with energy-saving Air Conditioning
We Are Ethical

Stayso The House Hotel is dedicated to fostering local talent and providing equal opportunities to all. With a focus on supporting students and fresh graduates through training and mentorship, we empower individuals to grow into professionals. Additionally, we proudly showcase the work of local artist Seda Bay (duvarresmi_seda on Instagram) in our lobby and co-working areas, embodying our commitment to promoting the vibrant creativity of our community.