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Immerse in the local culture

The House Hotel Old Tbilisi - Georgia

The house host

Experience the local culture together with “Maspindzeli”, The house host

Maspindzeli (The Host) will be assisting you during your stay at The House Hotel Old Tbilisi. He/she has answers to all your questions and supports your planning to enjoy the city based on your desire to explore its culture, its beauty, and the wide variety of activities to be experienced in Georgia.

*Specific tours within Georgia with the help of Maspindzeli on request

From Independence to Independence 1918-1991

Our excursions

Explore tbilisi with the house host’s advice

With the help of your Maspindzeli, you will be able to book the city tour or a day trip from Tbilisi. Discover the local gastronomy and wines, masterclasses, or 19th-century architect tours, as well as local fast-food tours.

Here are some of the tours you may like!

  • Neighborhood Tour

    The beauty and the richness of Old Tbilisi Neighborhood. Get your insider captain and discover museums, art salons, theatres...ehm we cannot disclose all the secrets!


  • Eat at Blue Fox

    Follow the Blue Fox to savor the exquisite flavors of Georgia at our exceptional restaurant in Tbilisi.

    Inspired by the rich traditions of Georgian cuisine, our menus showcase a delightful fusion of flavors, expertly crafted by our Michelin star chef from Spain.

    Immerse yourself in a dining experience like no other, where the essence of Georgia harmoniously blends with innovative culinary techniques.

  • Furry Friends - Bring your pet

    If you're planning a trip with your beloved ones, we understand the importance of including your furry friend in your adventures.

    That's why we warmly welcome pets with open arms. At our hotel, we provide exceptional care and attention to your special companion, ensuring they have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

    Discover the range of amenities and services we offer for your pet's well-being. When making your room reservation, kindly let us know in advance that you'll be accompanied by your pet.

  • Take a Ride

    Make a grand entrance and set the tone for a delightful experience in Tbilisi with our exclusive personal meet and greet service. Arrive in style as our professional staff welcomes you warmly, ensuring your first moments in the city are truly memorable.

    Our convenient two-way transfer service is available at competitive prices per car, offering you a hassle-free journey.

    The payment for the transfer can be made directly at the hotel, providing you with added convenience and flexibility. Let us take care of your transportation needs, allowing you to focus on enjoying your stay in Tbilisi.

Discover the local culture

Crosspoint of asia to europe

For centuries houses with wooden balconies lined up on the slopes of a mountain lying under a 4th-century Narikala fortress. Its courtyards and winding cobbled streets are known as the “Asian” neighborhood of the old town and they truly delight visitors. Similar to any other old city in the world, Old Tbilisi, too, creates the friendliest atmosphere which can never be forgotten.