Vibrant Neighbourhood Bomonti

Bomonti neighbourhood is a cosmopolitan area of the city where Armenians, Jews, and Greeks have historically dominated. It’s an area where you can find mosques, synagogues, and churches of all denominations a stone’s throw apart. Not only that, but here too are culinary specialists who have been perfecting their trades over generations, making it a foodie’s paradise.

Feriköy / Bomonti Organic Market is located next to The House Hotel and Residence Bomonti and Bomontiada. It runs every Saturday and, as its names suggests, only sells organic goods.  The market sells more that fruits and vegetables. They have opened their arms to all that is organic from dairy products, grains, beauty and cleaning products. The wide selection of entirely organic products has a growing community and like any good market. Like most markets there is a corner that sells delicious gözleme and freshly squeezed juice.  A flea  market is set up at the same location every Sunday.

Bomontiada, developed inside Bomonti’s Historic Brewery (Tarihi Bomonti Bira Fabrikası), Bomontiada offers a perfect mix of culture, art, music, and food – all under the same roof. A safe bet when it comes to live music and entertainment in Istanbul, Babylon has opened a new branch in Bomontiada.

Following the concept of ”gastropub”, The Populist has a wide choice of craft beers and appealing dishes. Another food spot is Kiva, where you can have Anatolian specialties for lunch and enjoy traditional meze in the night. If you feel like eating around the same table with different people and making new friends, Delimonti, with its Turkish food and a big ”community table”, is the place to go. For a relaxing break at any time of the day, Bookstore offers comfortable couches and a variety of coffee choices from early mornings to late nights. With its ”family size” portions and its preference for natural, local produce, Kilimanjaro is the new bar and restaurant project by Pozitif. When the evening comes, the atmosphere warms up with live DJ sets.  Art and design aficionados will find their meeting point at ATÖLYE İstanbul, the local branch of a global community of artists, designers, architects, and innovators in general.