The House Residence
The House Residence

Live, socialise, decompress and rejuvenate

Imagine a custom-designed apartment where each corner exudes taste, a reliable management that carefully attends to each resident, and individualized services that make life easier every day.

Now imagine all of this with The House Hotel’s style and experience.

With a well-earned reputation for excellence in the international hospitality sector, The House Hotel team is taking their expertise one step further with The House Residences, bringing quality, comfort, and understated luxury with a personalized approach wherever they go.

Designed by the world’s leading architects, landscape artists, and designers, The House Residence is specifically crafted for each individual location. Its doors unveil a world of creativity and originality where classic and contemporary styles blend to form a signature and timeless look.

The House Residence buildings are distinctive, often telling a story, and at one with the surroundings. Each location has a striking spirit and a sense of identity that is connected to the heart of the local community. The House Residence captures the essence of the local culture wherever it goes, valuing the attributes of each location, and expresses it through a unique sense of place and design.

The House Residence is urban yet feels like a haven with landscaped spaces bringing that much-needed nature into the lives of its residents. The best standards for design and safety are used with precision, making sure each apartment is functional, secure, and has character. Common areas and in-house events foster strong bonds within The House Residence community, furthering the vision for an engaging and vibrant lifestyle.

Intimate, personalized, and contemporary, The House Residence offers an exclusive lifestyle where all the needs of the residents are catered to. Residents have full access to a wide range of services with a staff that offers genuine Mediterranean warmth and hospitality. Dry cleaning or fixing an appliance no longer fills the to-do list with the reception and concierge available to take care of all the smallest details concerning the apartments. A change of scenery is never far away with handpicked restaurants and shops located on the premises. High-tech fitness areas, where private instructors and group classes can be arranged, are only an elevator ride away.

The House Residence is more than an exceptional living space – it is a prolific investment that brings high returns to developers as well as residence owners. The House Brand name, experience, and reputation are synonymous with world-class design and service excellence. That is why branding a building with The House Residence is like planting a seed in the most fertile soil.

The House Hotel values the good things life. And with every detail taken care of by The House Residence, all that is left is the good stuff.

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