Our Story
Our Story

Understated Contemporary Lux' living and staying

Our journey started on a sunny day in April 2010, during some conversations about life, dreams, and the belief in the potential of Turkey and its surrounding regions.

The idea was born to create luxury boutique hotels in key locations, where customers would dream to stay, while submersing themselves in the local neighbourhood ambiance.  Our vision was that design did not need to be sacrificed for value and that honest pricing would drive loyal guests.

There was such a belief amongst the founding team, that we carried mattresses through the buildings, brought all of our friends and family to help, and also received support from local and international movers and shakers. With that energy, courage and sweat, it took us only 12 months to open three properties in prime locations and iconic buildings.  Guests returned and are returning because of the individual experiences we provide at a competitive price.

Now, with three exclusive properties, The House Hotel Group has become one of Turkey’s most coveted luxury boutique hotel brands with a global reputation for quality and individuality, grabbing numerous international awards each year.

In 2015, we were asked to apply our brand to residential living and The House Residence concept was born naturally. We used the same recipes, which made The House Hotels a success: creativity, genuine hospitality, individual experience and a connection with each locality. Once again, thanks to our efforts, as well as the support of our friends and family, The House Residence Bomonti opened in September 2017 and The House Residence Miami will come to life in the next few months.

With this rapid success, the demand for our journey and story to grow further was inevitable. We have developed two new concepts applying our same hospitality philosophies: Cloud 7 and Ouspace.

Our Irish owner, Kerten, aims  to leverage its international know-how and experience to continue our expansion while maintaining the core customer values and boutique spirit.