The House Hotel Karaköy Istanbul makes your most special day unforgettable with its enchanting atmosphere with magnificent views over the Golden Horn and the magical İstanbul skyline, its grand style with turn-of-the-century architecture, and creative design with attention to minute details.

Live the wedding of your dreams with the caring touch of

The House Hotel Istanbul, and let it be a memory to be cherished a lifetime…

Your special day’s special menu is created for you by the Michelin starred Spanish chef Jaume Puidengolas and served with impeccable service of The House Hotel Istanbul, making your wedding table a memorable feast…

The House Hotel Karaköy, with its 150 people capacity, offers an intimate secluded ambiance, a warm amiable atmosphere for your boutique wedding, and makes your wedding a unique experience.

First Step

Welcome Cocktail is the moment when your closest and most beloved ones step into the festive wedding mood. At this first step your guests will feel that they are about to witness a dreamy night in a magical atmosphere.

Special drinks & cocktails, served along with tasty bites, will prepare them step by step, sip by sip, bite by bite to the splendour of the wedding feast.


First Night & First Morning

On your wedding day, you are hosted in the bridal suite at The House Hotel Karaköy. Next morning we serve you a special breakfast in your room, where you can enjoy your first morning of your married life all in your own privacy overlooking the mystical historic Istanbul skyline.

First Year

You do not need to think about what to do for your first anniversary, as we offer a complimentary anniversary dinner for couples that had their wedding at The House Hotel Karaköy. A romantic night at our Kasa Lokanta will refresh your wedding day memories.

We are only happy to turn your wedding day to the most special day in your life, to be cherished and remembered for a lifetime.