The House Hotel Old Tbilisi has Opened its Doors on July, 2022. Here, each room is hand-painted by Musya Qeburia, a contemporary Georgian artist who has illustrated a different character on each of the walls allowing guests to experience a more immersive exploration of the character’s story both online and offline. A brand-new food concept in the property will add on to the culinary explorations in the city.

Located amidst the medieval churches of the Georgian capital’s historic Old Town, this gem aims to be Tbilisi’s art and culinary center with The House being the key attraction point with local story narratives and curated events.


Bar-Restaurant named after the character of an old Georgian Cartoon – “Blue Fox”, aims to attract not only foreign guests but also locals willing to have a good time and mingle with international visitors to the country.

Blue Fox is the very first Michelin Star-inspired restaurant in Georgia taking Georgian food to a new level.

A Spanish Michelin star Chef, Jaume Puigdengolas, together with a young local Chef, worked to create a restaurant menu which is full of exquisite dishes from the world’s cuisine with a gentle touch of Georgian flavour.

Using only locally-available fresh ingredients supplied by local farmers, the restaurant offers signature dishes as well as seasonal specials, focused on the best quality and taste.

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The beautiful courtyard of the restaurant is a perfect place for having joyful evenings with friends or family, as well as planning outdoor cocktail events and gatherings. Because of its unique, cosy and fancy ambience, one will definitely want to re-visit this place to charge with positive vibes and taste delicious food and exclusive cocktails.