Cappadox Festival 2018

What is Cappadox?

Cappadox is a gathering of music, contemporary art, gastronomy and outdoor disciplines in events that bring together national and international creatives with participants from all around the world. Cappadox 2018 theme this year is “Silence”.


When is Cappadox Festival?

Thanks to the great interest of Cappadoxians and Cappadocia residents, the festival was extended to take place over 6 days and will be held from June 14-19.


Where to stay in Cappadox?

The House Hotel Cappadocia is the perfect spot to explore Cappadox Festival.

The House Hotel Cappadocia is set in a complex of ancient caves and stone houses.

Every room is unique, with its design and interior inspired by its physical properties. Many rooms feature frescoes and crown moldings evoking Cappadocia’s heritage

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