Locations & Requirements


With a pipeline of projects between Georgia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan, the development focus of the brand is widespread, and we are open to considering any location, whether it is up-and-coming or of traveller interest.

Factors to consider about your project:

Is the project in a good location?

Is the building of architectural importance? (historic, modern or with special heritage- either would work)

Do you have the ability and interest to create a unique project?


Depending on the state of the project and the speed with which decisions can be made, we will allocate the right resources to finalize a project within a mutually agreed time span. It is in all parties’ interest that the process moves fast, and so we will do our utmost to make sure it does.


The cost to build or convert your project is similar to any branded five star hotel product in your location. Depending on your love for the project, the location, or any other emotional elements, the project can be taken to limitless levels.

Our Flexibility:

  • Size of the project
  • Size of the rooms
  • Room product only (without any lunch & dinner offering)
  • Work with other branded hospitality providers

 Our minimum requirements:

  • A number of rooms allowing us both to profit
  • Breakfast area Social/lounge area (which can be one multi-functional area)
  • Wellness area