These gadgets will make your life better in 2017

Our 3 favorite innovations, not just for travelling.


A super-smart wristband to measure your daily activities

We predict the Fitbit Blaze to become the next ultimate wearable after the Apple Watch. This handy (and stylish) piece of high-tech comes with an app and keeps track of your heart rate, daily activity and sleep patterns, alerts you about incoming texts, monitors your workouts and gives you detailed instructions how to improve your performance. All you need to do is get going…


An alarm clock that wakes you with your favorite smell

Rumor has it, some people can actually jump out of bed with the very first ring of their alarm-clock. If that sounds slightly suspicious to you, and if the snooze button is your best friend, you might want to switch from sound to scent this year. Instead of interrupting your slumber with rude noise, the compact Sensorwake alarm clock promises to gently wake you with your favorite scent. Whether that’s freshly brewed coffee or a bar of chocolate is entirely up to you.


In-ears to literally turn down the volume

Whether you’re tired of your desk neighbor yelling the latest gossip into their office phone or you cannot stand the sound of Friday evening traffic, Dubs in-ear plugs set out to improve your life by quietening down surrounding sounds. Instead of blocking noise, these miracle gadgets function as smart filters that reduce volume without affecting the quality of sounds.